Come along for a sociable evening, getting together to discuss fossil fuel divestment and how to write convincing letters to politicians and then getting straight down to some communal letter-writing to Hexham MP Guy Opperman. Fossil fuel divestment is a growing movement devoted to getting public institutions like local government pension funds, universities and religious institutions to stop funding climate change by investing in fossil fuels and reinvest in ethical climate solutions. MP Guy Opperman, who is also UK Pensions Minister, recently started opposing divestment, saying that we should instead ‘nudge and cajole’ fossil fuel companies into shifting their business practices. But, despite years of investors voting and encouraging companies to become more climate friendly, there has been very little action – the 5 biggest fossil fuel companies put only 3% of their 2019 expenditure into renewables.We want to write to him and arrange to meet with him as constituents to show our support for full divestment from fossil fuels. As pensions minister, Opperman has national influence on this and we as local constituents are uniquely well placed to change his mind. Join us for a Zoom call where we will learn more about fossil fuel divestment and Guy Opperman’s position on it from a member of the Divest Parliament campaign, who will also share tips and tricks for how to write convincing letters to MPs. We’ll then stay together on the call to write some letters, share our thoughts, and chat.

Nick’s Campaign Starts Here

I’m delighted to say that I’ve been accepted as Tynedale Green Party’s candidate for the Humshaugh ward in next year’s county council elections. It won’t be an easy win, but we’ll be giving it our very best shot. We won’t succeed unless we deliver a really strong literature campaign, and that will cost a lot of money. If you possibly can, please donate to my campaign at Action Network   and don’t forget to share the link too! If you don’t feel that you can make a donation but would like to support the campaign in another way, please get in touch via: or
– we’re currently looking for people to take on a monthly delivery round, and for others to do survey work.
Many Thanks Nick

Local Election Broadcast

Just a quick note to say that our 12 County Council candidates allowed the North East Green Party to qualify for BBC television coverage during the elections.

The criteria was candidates standing in 1/6th of the available seats or 33 to be precise. We squeaked in with exactly 33!!!

Follow the link to see the last broadcast



Green Party bookies early favourite in Bristol West


Paddy Power has released betting odds on Bristol West for the up-coming General Election which show The Green Party as favourites to win the seat which is currently held by Labour. The Liberal Democrats are in a distant third place. The polling comes after Electoral Calculus earlier seat predictions that saw The Green Party taking the seat with the Liberal Democrats slipping to fourth.

Commenting on the results the Green candidate for Bristol West, Molly Scott Cato MEP, said

“ThMolySCCese results are clear. Green politics has sown the seeds of hope in Bristol and we are now seeing electoral results grow out of this. We already have 11 Green Councillors in the city doing great work. We now have a chance to make history in June by electing the first Green MP for the city. She continued,

“Today marks the beginning of the Green Party’s campaign for a bold, positive future for our country – in wholehearted opposition to the extreme Brexit and far-right agenda threatened by another five years Tory government. It is great to see the betting companies reinforce what many here in Bristol already know – that the Greens are best placed to oppose this awful Tory government.