26th October 2016

TGP News

Hexham Town Results

Thanks go to the Candidates for standing for Tynedale Green Party in the election for Hexham Town.

We were unsuccessful but Nigel Warner lost by 8 votes.

All Candidates polled a good number of votes. This is a good result first time.

Results in .doc format here

Local Election Results 2017

Tynedale Green Party Gained 2 Second places in the Election on the 4th May.

Wesley Foot in the Target Ward Of Humshaugh was rewarded for the hard work that Wesley and the “Team” had put in.

Mickey Macgregor a None- Target Ward Candidate did amazing well.

Thanks must go to all the Candidates that stood, From small Acorns large trees grow for the Common Good.

Results are here in .doc format

Frequently asked question on the Green Party GE 2017 policy on electoral alliances.

Frequently asked question on the Green Party GE 2017 policy on electoral alliances.

Our Co-leader Caroline Lucas MP has been at the forefront of negotiating progressive alliances with other parties where both parties find a mutual benefit.
The proportion of Green Party votes is on the ascendant and the increased number of candidates nominated by the Green Party at all levels of government gives more opportunity for our supporters to vote for the Green Party raising the profile of our policies and increasing our power to influence government policy.

The question of whether/when a local branch such as TGP could make an electoral alliance has been carefully considered by the Green Party of England and Wales including consultations with all Green Party Members. This resulted in a motion being passed at the Green Party Spring Conference that determined the conditions when an electoral alliance might be beneficial and in accord with the GPEW policies. We attended the Spring Conference and reported back to TGP members at our recent business meeting and again in response to members questions at the EGM.

For your information the elements that would be required for an alliance to be considered are that the Parliamentary seat in question would be marginal, and there would be an agreed mutual benefit for both parties, and the other participant’s policies would be in accord with the GPEW; in particular on proportional representation and environmental sustainability.

The constituency of Hexham is not a marginal seat so would not qualify on that account. If TGP had decided not to stand a candidate nobody could know how the TGP voters would use their vote; therefore in this scenario TGP would be the certain loser, and the likely gain/loss to other parties would be unknown except to the individual voters; who might chose to vote for any other party.

In any event members of Tynedale Green Party would not agree to an electoral alliance without reference to the North East England Regional Council Officers and the policies of GPEW members.

Barbara Grundey
Co-ordinator Tynedale Green Party

30th April 2017

We’re Standing in Hexham


On Wednesday the 26th April at an EGM, Tynedale Green Party members voted unanimously to stand a candidate in the Hexham Constituency for the General Election on June 8th.ballot-box

The Candidate will be announced to the public after the Tynedale Green Party Members ballot late next week.

Local Election Broadcast

Just a quick note to say that our 12 County Council candidates allowed the North East Green Party to qualify for BBC television coverage during the elections.

The criteria was candidates standing in 1/6th of the available seats or 33 to be precise. We squeaked in with exactly 33!!!

Follow the link to see the last broadcast



Green Party bookies early favourite in Bristol West


Paddy Power has released betting odds on Bristol West for the up-coming General Election which show The Green Party as favourites to win the seat which is currently held by Labour. The Liberal Democrats are in a distant third place. The polling comes after Electoral Calculus earlier seat predictions that saw The Green Party taking the seat with the Liberal Democrats slipping to fourth.

Commenting on the results the Green candidate for Bristol West, Molly Scott Cato MEP, said

“ThMolySCCese results are clear. Green politics has sown the seeds of hope in Bristol and we are now seeing electoral results grow out of this. We already have 11 Green Councillors in the city doing great work. We now have a chance to make history in June by electing the first Green MP for the city. She continued,

“Today marks the beginning of the Green Party’s campaign for a bold, positive future for our country – in wholehearted opposition to the extreme Brexit and far-right agenda threatened by another five years Tory government. It is great to see the betting companies reinforce what many here in Bristol already know – that the Greens are best placed to oppose this awful Tory government.


Please find Tynedale Green Party’s latest local election leaflets on the Local Party resources page.

Social Meeting
Dear David,
Join us this Thursday 9th March at the Parish Hall of St. Mary Magdalene Church in Prudhoe for our latest social gathering.images.duckduckgo.com
These meetings are an alternative to our business meetings where people can get together in a more informal setting to discuss the big issues of the day.
Doors will open at 7pm and everyone is welcome, as there is no need to be a member.
Hope to you see you there.
Tynedale Green Party



  • We have had a number of small group meetings recently in relation to our case.   Last week we met with our Solicitor/Advocate Paul Stookes from Cambridge together with members of Friends of the Earth from London and their Planning Consultant.  We discussed how the Planning Inquiry would go as in procedure and also what witnesses we had.  We then had a Site Visit the following day so our Solicitor Paul and the Planning Consultant could get to grips with where the actual opencast would be.
  • There is a Pre-Inquiry Meeting which is being held on the 18th January at the Falcons Rugby Ground where our Solicitor, a couple of members of Save Druridge, Friends of the Earth representatives and their Barrister and Banks Mining and Northumberland County Council will meet to go through the procedure dates and times etc as well as raising any queries.    PLEASE NOTE anyone who has already submitted an objection to the Planning Inspector will get notification from the Planning Inspectors office at a later date to see whether you wish to speak at the Inquiry.  You can also register on the first day of the hearing being the 31st May to speak at the hearing. It is an 8 day hearing at the Falcons Rugby Club in Kingston Park, Newcastle.  
  • We are currently sorting out Expert Witnesses.  These would be people with qualifications or really good experience in those subjects which Save Druridge will be speaking on at the hearing.    If anyone knows of people working in the following fields who you think may be prepared to speak on behalf of Save Druridge please let us know. 

hydrology     noise      air pollution   light pollution   traffic consultant    ecology

  • PLEASE NOTE the May elections are coming up for our local Councillors.   It would not be a bad idea to put some local pressure on them stating if they are looking to get re-elected then support Save Druridge against the Opencast.  
  • Friends of the Earth will be mainly concentrating on Climate Change and we are not allowed to duplicate any evidence so will be working closely with them.


  • A MURDER MYSTERY NIGHT at the Women’s Institute Hall, Widdrington Village.  This is on Saturday 28th January at 7pm. Solve a dastardly crime, dance to some great music and enjoy lovely food (bring your own drinks). If you want to take part, please telephone Marion on 01670 760766 to reserve tickets.
  • A SAVE DRURIDGE BAY CAMPAIGN ARTS EXTRAVAGANZA organised by Bethany Elen and North East Socialist Singers to be held at Gosforth Civic Theatre between 12 noon and 10pm on the 12th February.  It will be lots of music, talks, poetry etc and sounds good fun.  If anyone has not seen Bethany before she has an absolutely lovely voice which I can vouch for. There will also be craft stalls.  For more information email info@bethanyelen.co.uk Or take a look on our Druridge against Opencast Facebook page which has details of this on there. 


  • A BEETLE DRIVE to be held at The Drift Café, Cresswell on Friday 24th March.  More details to follow.  
  • FINALLY SDB will be holding an Auction in April with an MGT car being auctioned with some other items.
Caroline Lucas Visits Warden

On Friday 9th December we saw Caroline Lucas, Green Party co-leader and MP visit our corner of Northumberland. During her 2 day visit to the NE she also spoke at Durham University Union and met with Newca_1070730stle Green Party members.

Caroline took the time in her packed schedule to visit Warden to see the damage caused by Storm Desmond in Dec 2015 and the efforts of local people to repair and protect themselves from further damage. She spoke of the need for more funding from government towards Natural Flood Management and other sustainable methods.

Caroline also took the chance to speak about the recent motion to push for more parliamentary oversight of the Brexit process and lamented the Labour amendment which commits to a too short time frame and no guarantee of a detailed plan from government.

Caroline wa_1070842s happy to support Tynedale Green Party candidate Wesley Foot who is standing in Humshaugh ward for the County Council elections next May. TGP members enjoyed a buffet lunch at The Boatside and a chance for an informal chat with Caroline who was always patient and friendly. Wesley presented her with a birthday card from TGP and she was even serenaded by member Veronica Perrin!

Many thanks to David Taylor who came to photograph the event and to hexham  tv for filming short interviews with Caroline and Carol, landlady of The Boatside.