Frequently asked question on the Green Party GE 2017 policy on electoral alliances.

Frequently asked question on the Green Party GE 2017 policy on electoral alliances.

Our Co-leader Caroline Lucas MP has been at the forefront of negotiating progressive alliances with other parties where both parties find a mutual benefit.
The proportion of Green Party votes is on the ascendant and the increased number of candidates nominated by the Green Party at all levels of government gives more opportunity for our supporters to vote for the Green Party raising the profile of our policies and increasing our power to influence government policy.

The question of whether/when a local branch such as TGP could make an electoral alliance has been carefully considered by the Green Party of England and Wales including consultations with all Green Party Members. This resulted in a motion being passed at the Green Party Spring Conference that determined the conditions when an electoral alliance might be beneficial and in accord with the GPEW policies. We attended the Spring Conference and reported back to TGP members at our recent business meeting and again in response to members questions at the EGM.

For your information the elements that would be required for an alliance to be considered are that the Parliamentary seat in question would be marginal, and there would be an agreed mutual benefit for both parties, and the other participant’s policies would be in accord with the GPEW; in particular on proportional representation and environmental sustainability.

The constituency of Hexham is not a marginal seat so would not qualify on that account. If TGP had decided not to stand a candidate nobody could know how the TGP voters would use their vote; therefore in this scenario TGP would be the certain loser, and the likely gain/loss to other parties would be unknown except to the individual voters; who might chose to vote for any other party.

In any event members of Tynedale Green Party would not agree to an electoral alliance without reference to the North East England Regional Council Officers and the policies of GPEW members.

Barbara Grundey
Co-ordinator Tynedale Green Party

30th April 2017