Northumberland Council fuels climate change via its investments – have your say

Millions of pounds of public money -our local rates- are being spent on fossil fuel companies. We all know that carbon emissions from oil, gas and coal are harming our planet, threatening the future of humanity, and causing the extinction of up to a million species.
Northumberland County Council are a member of the the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund. This fund invests more than £230 million in fossil fuels. It has recently adopted a climate policy that has 2050 as its deadline for net zero investment. 2050 is far too late to protect humanity and our planet from disastrous temperature rise.
Please help by:
a. Signing the petition calling for divestment
b. Send a letter to your local councillor. There’s a template for the letter here…/Letter-to-councillors-re…
As always try to personalise the letter. If you’re not sure who your councillor is, there’s a list on the county council website.