Support for Lee Williscroft-Ferris in Hexham East

As you know, we are not standing a candidate in the forthcoming Hexham East by-election. Several members have therefore asked if they can instead support Lee and OpenHexham in their campaign for the recently-vacated council seat. Lee requests that anyone who would like to help contact him directly at – and has also asked me to share the following:

Richard Sutton

The outcome of this election is crucial given the context, both locally and nationally. Since being elected as an OpenHexham Independent town councillor in May, we have declared a climate and biodiversity emergency and measure every decision we make against its potential impact on the environment. In addition, I’m proud to part of organising the inaugural Hexham Sustainability Fair at the Abbey on 19th December. One of my key policies currently being communicating to voters, both on leaflets and via other channels such as HexhamTV, is a commitment to climate-proofing every single decision I make as a County Councillor. The climate crisis can be best summarised as a thread running through all my work. I see this as an existential commitment. I know the Green Party is all about bringing democracy as close to the people as possible and I’m proud to be only candidate in this by-election that actually lives in Hexham East. This matters to me. The fact that the outcome of the by-election will directly affect me as a local resident makes me work even harder to win each and every vote. I would be humbled to receive the support of TGP members in the form of leaflet delivery and possibly bannering and door-knocking. I am acquainted with the tenacity of TGP activists and would be delighted to have their practical support.