Come along for a sociable evening, getting together to discuss fossil fuel divestment and how to write convincing letters to politicians and then getting straight down to some communal letter-writing to Hexham MP Guy Opperman. Fossil fuel divestment is a growing movement devoted to getting public institutions like local government pension funds, universities and religious institutions to stop funding climate change by investing in fossil fuels and reinvest in ethical climate solutions. MP Guy Opperman, who is also UK Pensions Minister, recently started opposing divestment, saying that we should instead ‘nudge and cajole’ fossil fuel companies into shifting their business practices. But, despite years of investors voting and encouraging companies to become more climate friendly, there has been very little action – the 5 biggest fossil fuel companies put only 3% of their 2019 expenditure into renewables.We want to write to him and arrange to meet with him as constituents to show our support for full divestment from fossil fuels. As pensions minister, Opperman has national influence on this and we as local constituents are uniquely well placed to change his mind. Join us for a Zoom call where we will learn more about fossil fuel divestment and Guy Opperman’s position on it from a member of the Divest Parliament campaign, who will also share tips and tricks for how to write convincing letters to MPs. We’ll then stay together on the call to write some letters, share our thoughts, and chat.