Helping build a greener future for Tynedale

Your Local Green PARTY

Tynedale Green Party is the party of hope and radical change. Years and years of politics as usual have given us broken communities and remote services, financial chaos and environmental breakdown. But there is an alternative: a transforming green alternative. In the Hexham Constituency Tynedale Green Party is carrying hope and change forward. Tynedale Green Party was reinvigorated by the green surge before the last General Election in 2015. Lee Williscroft-Ferris stood as our candidate and gained 2,445 votes. During the General election we were pleased to host our leader Natalie Bennett for a meeting at the Hexham Abbey. Since then Tynedale Green Party has been active and has had candidates in Hexham West for the Northumberland County and Hexham Town Council by-elections. A Green Candidate stood in the Corbridge Parish by-election and Tynedale Green Party members have also stood for co-option on both Town and Parish Councils. Wesley Foot being successful in Warden Parish Council. Members meet for a business meeting bi monthly. An open meeting is held in the intervening months where anyone may attend to meet Tynedale Green Party members for informal discussion about Green Issues and the Green Party.